Dannielle Sergent
Director of Interiors

Dannielle is an award-winning designer and creative leader with deep experience in branded environments and project development.  She has a demonstrated understanding of design and its ties to user experience and financial performance. She is a visionary and inspirational leader with the ability to manage diverse projects, teams and goals. Her experience in hospitality and retail design enriches her approach to HKIT’s community projects bringing an elevated design approach to often underserved communities.


M.A. Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin, B.A, Environmental Design, UC Berkeley

Project I’m most proud of:

MidPen Brooklyn Basin Multi Family and Senior Housing projects. The clients actively supported the integration of community and established artists throughout the projects.

Design influences:

Art, fashion, pop culture, technology and nature

Area of expertise:


My dream home:

On the Mediterranean

Favorite film:

‘The Mystery of Picasso’, by Clouzot. It documents his creative process