HKIT 75th Anniversary Principal Spotlight: John Frando
HKIT 75th Anniversary Principal Spotlight: John Frando

Principal John Frando joined HKIT in 1996. During his initial interview with the firm, he had the chance to connect with then-partners, Komatsu, Ivelich & Tucker (the “KIT” in HKIT). John remembers being drawn to HKIT’s welcoming and collaborative office environment, saying, “HKIT felt like a place where you could be yourself and take on a lot of responsibility, with people to guide and nurture you along the way.” John was excited to be offered a position and the rest is history.

As one of HKIT’s Senior Living practice leaders, John focuses on senior communities, both new construction and renovations. As a Certified Access Specialist, CASp, he’s also brought his expertise to the regulatory arena, helping to identify and modify regulations that have hindered advancements in senior housing. When asked about his favorite part of creating senior living communities, he responded, “When you design housing, you’re building a community bigger than yourself and your role on a project. I love going to open houses after projects are complete, staff and residents have moved in, and hearing residents express happiness and gratitude for their new home. On more than one occasion, residents have wanted to give me a tour of their homes. Even though I already know so much about their space, I enjoy seeing how they’ve personalized it. I think about the new memories they’ll create there– that’s something truly special.”

We thank John for his commitment to our practice of meaningful design.

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