75th Anniversary Principal Spotlight: Jeff Evans
75th Anniversary Principal Spotlight: Jeff Evans

For nearly two decades at HKIT, Principal Jeff Evans has focused his attention on designing thoughtful and inspiring learning environments for public and private educational clients. “Upon completing grad school, I learned that HKIT’s mission was to create architecture that enriches the community and environment, and that rang true with me then as much as it does now. Our work is about people, creating safe and affordable buildings that provide homes and environments for education. Great places to live and learn are fundamental keys to successful life pathways. I feel that our work is an important part of helping people thrive. That’s why I joined HKIT, and it’s why I’m still here and excited about the work that we do.”

When asked what about HKIT he is particularly proud of, he shared, “I’m proud of HKIT being a leader in highly efficient, sustainable educational design. This is an area of our practice that I have been heavily involved in, and I remember the hard work and steps it took to get to where we are today. I’m proud of our emphasis on creating sustainable, resource-efficient projects that use less energy and water, that are healthy for people and the whole world.”

We thank Jeff for his passion and commitment to designing meaningful and sustainable spaces.

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